Key Learning Outcomes

1-Understanding about professional and ethical responsibilities and taking responsibility
2-Having sufficient knowledge about mathematic, science and related engineering topics and ability of solving problems on agricultural machinery areas with these theoretical and practical knowledges.
3-Having awareness about the effects of engineering solutions and applications for global and social context; to be aware of entrepreneurship and innovation issues and also having knowledge about contemporary issues.
4-Awareness of the need for lifelong education, following developments at science and technology and ability of continual self-renewing
5-Ability of working effectively with multi-disciplinary teams and having self-confidence for taking responsibility.
6-Ability of using modern engineering technics, skills and calculation tools which is required for engineering applications (obtaining data by using laboratory and workshop tools, preparing technical drawings, preparing technical reports, doing technical presantations, effective usage of calculation tools, information technologies, softwares).
7-Ability of experiment designing, implementing, obtaining data from experiments and also analysing and interpretting of these data.
8-Ability of effective communication skills with written, oral and visual tools.
9-Ability of effective communication skills both oral and written at Turkish and knowing at least one foreign language
10-Ability of detecting, identifying, monitoring, interpretting, formulating, and solving current professional challanges, also ability of choosing and using appropriate approachs and technics for this aim.
11-Ability of analysing a system, system component or process and designing system under realworld constraints for meeting requirements by using modern designing methods
12-Ability of accessing to information, making resource search, using databases and other information sources.