Key Learning Outcomes

1-To be able to use modern techniques and computational tools, required for doing engineering applications.
2-To be able to implement the engineering solutions considering their impact especially on national and global health, safety, and environmental issues.
3-To be able to exercise disciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork.
4-To be able to do self research, take initiative and acquire professional creativity.
5-To be able to diagnose, model and solve the Electronics, Telecommunication and related Engineering problems.
6-To be able to design and do experiments, analyze data, and interpret the results.
7-To be able to communicate in Turkish and at least a foreign language in oral and written form.
8-To be able analyze a problem and design a process for a decided goal.
9-To act according to professional ethics.
10-To acquire the habit of lifelong learning.
11-To acquire the ability of using Calculus, Science and Engineering Knowledge to Electronics and Communication Engineering problems.