Learning Facilities




Among the learning facilities at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, our library on Değirmenaltı Campus is situated on a 743 m2 area and holds 30.000 books in print and 55.000 books in electronic form in addition to 300 printed and 35.000 electronic journals.

There is also access to 41 full-text and bibliographical material databases provided by ULAKBİM. Owing to its membership in search engines, all databases can be browsed. We have wireless internet network and a computer area in the library to ease access to these databases. In addition, users can reserve books online, extend the check in dates, and request books via our website. They can order books on interlibrary loan via KİTS (Library Cooperation Tracking System).

Our library is a member of national and international organizations, such as ANKOS (Anadolu University Libraries Consortium), ULAKBİM EKUAL (Electronic Resources National Academic Licence), BLU (Balkan Libraries Union), TO-KAT (National Collective Catalogue), and TÜBESS (Turkish Document Provision System).

Our students are served on the highest level with regard to information technologies background. Students can access online information about their course registration, curriculum, and examination results. Also, our academic staff can present their course notes online.



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Information Technology Services

The internet connection reaches a 300MBit capacity inside the boundary of our campus. There are fully equipped laboratories for computer education in many of our buildings. An e-mail address is provided to all students for safe and fast communication.


Research Opportunities

The University administration holds scientific advancement in high esteem and attempts to provide all the necessary support for scientific research.

Graduate studies and research projects are supported by various scientific research project units at our university.

In particular, concerning scientific research and projects, all faculties, vocational schools, and institutes at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University are coordinated by BAP (Scientific Research Project Office).

In addition, a related commission is in charge of cooperation between University and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as with various industrial establishments. This commission also supervises financial processes for projects supported by TÜBİTAK.