General Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Associate and Bachelor Programmes

Candidates willing to enroll to an Associate and Bachelor programme of Namık Kemal University have to take a two-stage exam carried by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). First, students take the Higher Education Entrance

Exam (YGS). Those who pass the YGS (minimum 140 points out of 500) are then entitled to take the Placement Exam (LYS) (The candidates who have the right to enroll in a program without an exam are exempt from this rule).

Candidates have to obtain a score between 140.0-179.9 from LYS to enroll to an Associate or distance education programme. A minimum of 180 points is required for all Bachelor programmes. The overall score of the candidates are

calculated together with the score they get from YGS, LYS and their cumulative grade point averages of the high school.

Students are accepted to the Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Physical Education & Sports and the State Musical Conservatory according to the results of YGS and Special Aptitude Exam scores

Students are required to obtain necessary scores and requirements determined for the expected programme to enroll.

The admission procedures and dates are determined and announced by the Student Affairs Office of Namık Kemal University.

Admission Requirements for Master’s and Doctorate Programmes

The graduate institutes announce the names, the quotas, necessary documents, and deadlines for for application to the graduate programs. The applications are received once or twice a year before the beginning of each semester.

The requirements for the candidates applying to graduate programs are listed below:

a) Candidates applying for the Master’s programmes must hold an undergraduate degree. Those applying for the PhD programs may apply with a BA or an MA degree depending on the programme.

b) The candidates who completed their education abroad must have a diploma equivalence from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

c) Applicants for master’s and doctorate degrees are required to take the Entrance Exam for the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education (ALES) have a minimum score of 55 out of 100. Applicants for doctorate degrees with Bachelor’s degree are required to have a minimum of 90 ALES points or minimum 3.50 cumulative grade point average out of 4.00.

d) The applicant has to submit a required score of a foreign language exam like Foreign Language Exam for Civil Servants (KPDS), Proficiency Exam for Academicians (ÜDS) which are national English proficiency exams organized by ÖSYM.