International Programmes

Academic Cooperation Agreements

Our university pays special attention to academic mobility which means academic cooperation, by means of which the visiting scholar expands his or her teaching experience to new geographical areas and also expands his or her academic contacts for further professional development, whereas the students encounter a different approach, or come across new developments in their domain of studies. Our university has signed a great number of international academic cooperation agreements with various universities around the world. This effort, beneficial for both students and teaching staff, aims first at our youth in formation and relies on our belief that international cooperation and the experience gained from different countries and universities would make important contribution to our students’ scientific improvement. In the framework of the signed cooperation agreements, the students and lecturers have the chance to become for a time part of a foreign university’s academic and scientific background to share, increase and strengthen their knowledge and expertise.


Erasmus Programme

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University became a member of the large family of the Lifelong Learning Erasmus Programme in the 2007-2008 academic year. Since then, a great number of students and academic and administrative staff have benefited from Erasmus Exchange Programme in matters of studying, teaching and training at various European higher education institutions. In addition, many European students and academicians have visited our university every year to share their knowledge and experience. As a partner in the Erasmus Programme, our University has signed 83 bilateral agreements with various universities from 21 countries. These numbers increase continually with new agreements which are being signed every academic year.


Mevlana Exchange Programme

Mevlana Exchange Programme is another important exchange programme which enables our students and academic staff to further embark on their education and research activities in various national and international higher education institutions. This programme was implemented at our university in 2011, allowing our students to study at another university for maximum 2 semesters, and our academic staff to teach at another university for a period between 1 week and 3 months. This programme enables national institutions to cooperate with similar institutions of other countries, and to share innovative methods and applications, by which improving the professional skills and expertise of the participants.


Farabi Programme

Exchange programmes among Turkish universities are also in effect at our University, which enable students to continue their education and academic staff to embark on teaching activities in other higher education institutions in our country. Applications are accepted during the announcement period, and the call for applications as determined by the protocols is announced on the Farabi Exchange Programme website once every semester. Until now, our university has signed bilateral agreements in this respect with 17 universities.


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