Key Learning Outcomes

1-To make projects in the subjects of Plant Protection, practice at workplaces, the awareness of safety in environment and workplaces, awareness of analyzing the possible legal problems in this area
2-To have sufficient background in the subjects of science and fundamental agricultural engineering, the ability to use theoretical and practical information in agricultural production and working area
3-To have competency to coordinate the studies in the level of undergraduate studies in Plant Protection with stakeholders.
4-The self-confidence for taking responsibility for the studies at undergraduate and graduate levels
5-The awareness of ethical and professional responsibility at undergraduate and graduate levels
6-The ability to use basic instruments and equipments necessary for plant protection
7-The ability to plan and establish the experiments, to gather scientific data, to analyze and to comment on the results.
8-The ability to make decisions about the problems in plant production namely control of pests, diseases and weeds, and to use suitable control methods
9-The ability of innovation and creativity, as well as oral and written communication skills
10-The ability of identification and determination of pests, diseases and weeds in plant production