Our student do not face with any accommodation problems. Ayşe Menger Student Dormitory for Girls, located on Değirmenaltı Campus, has a capacity of 107 students. All dormitories belonging to the General Directorate of the Credit and Dormitories Agency in the centre of Tekirdağ, as well as in Çorlu, Çerkezköy, Hayrabolu and Şarköy, meet the accommodation needs of most of our students. The dormitories are equipped with the necessary facilities to live and study. There is a state dormitory close to Değirmenaltı Campus with a capacity of 1312 beds, of which 616 beds are for male and 696 for female students. The dormitories located in the districts of Tekirdağ have a total capacity of 400 beds. There are also many private dormitories and hostels available in Tekirdağ. Besides, there are private dormitories in the districts of Tekirdağ as well. Students can also rent flats in Tekirdağ and its districts.