The students studying at Namık Kemal University are anticipated to perform internship in order to improve their theoretical knowledge gained while studying and develop their skills.
Before starting to the internship, all students have to get “Internship Acceptance Form” signed to the institution that they will be doing the internship. Afterwards, they have to receive approval from the Internship Committee about the institution that they will be doing the internship until the end of June. The Internship Acceptance Form must be submitted to the related Internship Committee at least two weeks before the beginning of the internship. If needed, each department may limit the qualities of the internship institutions in accordance with the type of education of their own department.
Duration and Quality
The minimum internship period of the Undergraduate, Vocational School students, and the conditions about the internship are determined by the Senate upon the proposal of the related faculty and school.
Students are supposed to complete their internships in the institutions that are determined and announced by the Internship Committee. The appropriateness of the institution becomes definite with the approval of the related Internship Committee.
A student will get Non-Attendance grade if it is stated and declared by the institution that s/he was absent in more than 10% of the internship period without excuse.
Students are also allowed to complete their internships abroad provided that this does not impede their regular educational programs. Documents about the internship abroad are evaluated and approved by the related Internship Committee.
The intern students must perform their internships between the periods stated in the table and in the specified way.
Each student has to prepare and submit internship reports for each internship before the deadline. Internship Report is prepared in English in accordance with the content and writing rules stated in the Internship Booklet of the related department/program. A summary in Turkish will be submitted to the institution if demanded.
Internship reports in English must be delivered to the related Internship Committee within 7 days following the end of the internship period.
The submission and approval of the internship reports of the students who have the completion of their internship as the sole obligation for graduation must be completed until the announcement of the results of re-take examinations for last term students. In case these procedures aren’t completed, the student is obliged to pay the tuition fee of the following semester.
While evaluating the Internship Report Namık Kemal University Internship Directive is taken as a basis. Internship documents are examined by the related Internship Committee or members of academic staff and evaluated until the beginning of the courses in the fall semester.
If needed, the commission may ask student to demonstrate his/her knowledge, rewrite the report and/or have an interview with the student about his/her internship.
The evaluation is made over 100 and the results are conveyed to Student Affairs by the faculty deanship/school directorship. Internship grades may be taken into consideration in the evaluation of certain courses if accepted by the related faculty.
The students who receive Unsuccessful (U) grade must repeat the internship. Graduation procedure of the student who does not complete his/her internship will not be made.