Sports and Leisure Facilities

Apart from the quality of education provided for the students, NKU gives great importance to social and sports activities of the students. With this in mind, the university founded NKU Sports club in 2007 to support our students’ efforts in representing our institution. Currently, our students are actively and successfuly taking part in tennis, volleyball, and basketball branches.Football, basketball and volleyball fields and tennis courts are available on campus for NKU students.  Student clubs organize activities in various sports such as sailing, table tennis, step and motor sports.
In our Sports Centre, our experienced trainers offer fitness and Pilates activities, and Latin and traditional dancing classes at our indoor sports centre to enrich the lives of Namık Kemal University students and staff, to improve their physical condition, and to contribute to their general welfare. The sports and recreational facilities which are offered to our students and staff correspond to a hygienic and healthy environment. In addition,  the sports centre has enriched its offerings with a new swimming pool, sauna, squash, Finnish bath, and running tracks. 
Lots of cultural and artistic activities, such as the traditional “Spring Festival”, are organized by Namik Kemal University. These numerous activities, which include concerts, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, theatre performances, and dances, aim at diversifying and enriching the students’ life.
Under the supervision of our trainers with expertise in their respective areas, students are encouraged 
to attend the classes which are determined according to their requests and are provided free of charge in our 
cultural and sports educational centres.
Sport Classes:
- Pilates Classes
- Step Aerobics Classes
- Climbing Classes
- Gymnastics Classes
- Diving Classes
- Swimming Classes
- Sailing Classes
- Table Tennis Classes
- Volleyball Classes
- Indoor Soccer Classes
- Squash Classes
- Badminton Classes
Diction Classes
- Guitar-Three Double 
String Guitar-Violin-Reed 
- Classical Dancing Classes
- Ceramic Classes
- Ebru Classes
- Wood Painting Classes
- Jewelry Design Classes
- Graphic Design Classes
- Theatre Classes
- Oil Painting Classes
- Turkish Classical Music 
- Turkish Folk Dancing 
- Turkish Folk Music Classes
- Amateur Photography