Student Associations 

The clubs, which are established by university students and are affiliated with the Rector’s Office, represent an integral part of the organization of different scientific, cultural, artistic, and sports activities in order to enrich the students’ free time and increase the number of social and cultural opportunities. Our university is enriched every year in accordance with the requests from our incoming students and their participation in the newly founded associations and clubs.

The clubs are supervised by our department and, together with the coordinators among the academic staff, they organize various scientific, cultural and sports activities. Students can also present these activities in faculty and vocational school campuses.

Clubs present their skills during the spring fests and the academic inaugurations and graduation ceremonies. Our mountain climbing club conquered difficult and dangerous peaks and enjoyed the natural environment, whereas AEEG (European Students) Club travelled to various countries in Europe and welcomed European students in Tekirdağ.

 Student Clubs:

- Underwater Club
- Mountain Climbing Club
- Beşiktaş Fan Club
- Trekking Club
- Turkish Folk Dancing Club
- Cycling Club
- Latin Dancing Club
- Sailing Club
- Swimming Club
- Bridge Club
- Table Tennis Club
- Squash Club
- Rafting Club
- Skiing Club
- Step-Aerobics Club
- Atatürk Principles Club
- Mountain Climbing and 
Camping Club
- Informatics Club
- Quality and Efficiency 
- Fenerbahçe Fan Club
- Latin Dancing Club
- Traditional Dancing Club
- Music Club
- Theatre Club
- Young Environmentalists 
(TEMA) Club
- Amateur Photography 
Food Club
- Electronics and 
Technology Club
- Science and Thought Club
- Alternative Energy Club
- Turkish Language and 
History Club
- Documentary Club
- Logistics Club
- Aviation Club
- Debate Club
- Research, Development 
and Innovation Club
- European Students Club
- Bridge Club
- NKU Radio Club
- Cinema Club
- Trekking Club
- Young Entrepreneurs Club
- Book Club
- Word of Bees Club
- Biotecnology Club
- Western Languages and 
Literatures Ex Libris Club
- Cooking Club
- Nature Club
- Underwater Club
- Society Volunteers Club
- Medicine Club
- Chemistry Club
- Life Sciences Club
- Local Thought Club
- Economy Club
- Cycling Club
- Namık Kemal Language 
and Literature Club
- Conscious Youth Club