Key Learning Outcomes

1-To demonstrate the ability of identifying problems and finding solutions for unforeseen situations in his/her professional work in accounting
2-To demonstrate the ability for independent learning and to apply them in the profession of accounting.
3-To be able to use software and hardware required for the accounting services together with knowledge of basic computer skills
4-To be able to explain clearly the plans and applications in the accounting profession to colleagues, superiors and individuals or groups getting service and to do teamwork
5-To be able to effectively identify, collect and use data required for the solution of professional problems in the field of accounting and tax practices, to demonstrate usage of theoretical, hands on and/or intellectual skills required in practical applications.
6-To acquire knowledge and skills in Accounting profession based on qualifications gained in general and vocational education and supported by courses over the secondary education level and application of tools and equipment and to demonstrate the understanding of the fundamental concepts in this field.
7-To acquire knowledge and awareness about the occupational health and safety and environment protection in the field of accounting
8-To acquire knowledge and awareness about social responsibility, ethical values and social security rights to develop the social perspective of the accounting profession
9-To acquire foreign language skills sufficient for the sector he/she works
10-As a candidate for accountant or accounting department manager, to supervise the employees under his/her responsibility and to evaluate their performances objectively