Key Learning Outcomes

1-To have satisfactory information on cultivation and breeding of field crops; seed production; crops genetics, physiology and ecology, biotechnology and meadow refinement. Ability to use theoretical and practical information in these areas in unison for engineering purposes
2-To be well aware of the necessity of life time learning; ability to follow new scientific and technologic developments and update him/herself continuously
3-To be conscious of the universal and social aspects of his/her solutions and practices; to be aware of the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. To have a thorough knowledge of the problems of his/her era
4-To be conscious of project management, work place practices, environmental issues, occupational safety and health; to be aware of legal consequences of engineering practices
5-To be able to work individually and in disciplined teams, Self confidence in taking responsibility
6-To be able to plan and make experiments in field and laboratory conditions, collect data and evaluate this data biometrically in crops breeding, genetics, crops biotechnology, seed production; to be able to interpret this findings in the context of field crops breeding
7-To be able to access information and be able to investigate sources for this aim; ability to use databases and other information resources
8-To attach importance to protecting the environment and biological diversity; consciousness to inform and warn the society of these subjects.
9-Ingenuity in choosing and using modern techniques and tools for applications; to be skilful at using IT Technologies efficiently
10-For an efficient and high quality crops production, ability to analyze the problem with its components and the process and to project them under realistic limitations so as to meet the requirements. To be able to practice modern crops breeding methods in this context.
11-Efficiency in verbal and written communication
12-Consciousness of occupational and ethical responsibility
13-Competence to recognize the environment of application area effectively and to be able to determine proper materials and methods
14-Competence to identify, depict, investigate and solve problems of engineering matters in related areas; ability to choose and implement proper scientific and analytic modelling techniques for this purpose