Key Learning Outcomes

1-To have the knowledge of sufficient level of foreign language ("European Language Portfolio Global Scale", Level A2)
2-To have the knowledge and skills in an area founded on the qualification gained in the general or vocational secondary education and supported by secondary school level courses and by the application tools and equipments and to demonstrate he understands the basic concepts in this area
3-To have the knowledge and awareness of social responsibility,ethical values and social security rights in the issues which are in the area of Mechanical
4-To have the knowledge and awareness of job security, workers health and environmental protection in the issues which are in the area of Mechanical
5-To evaluate the performances of the ones who employed under his responsibility objectively, and to control them
6-To demonstrate he gains the ability of defining problems and seeking solutions related with unforeseen situations in the studies related with Mechanical
7-To demonstrate he can be able to learn independently and to be able to apply he learn in Mechanical field
8-To be able to use the software and the hardware that his profession requires (“European Computer Driving Licence", Basic Level) with the knowledge of basic computer use.
9-To be able to identify, collect and use the necessary data in order to solve well-defined problems in Mechanical field efficiently; to demonstrate the ability to use the theoretical knowledge necessary for practical applications, manual and / or intellectual skills
10-To be able to explain clearly the design and applications in Mechanical field to his colleagues, superiors, and people and groups he serves and to be able to make team work