Key Learning Outcomes

1-To use the written and spoken Turkish as the best way
2-To use a foreign language at basic level.
3-To know the operation systems of computer asisted CNC machines.
4-To know the chip and chip- free manufacturing methods and to be able to select the most appropriate manufacturing method.
5-To identify the materials, to make a decision about the necessary heat treatments methods and to be able to select the suitable material for manufacturing
6-To have knowledge of basic mathematics and science and to be able to use them when necessary
7-To be able to use oral and written electronic communication techniques efficiently.
8-To be able to process the equipment according to the most appropiate cutting tools and cutting conditions and to decide the appropriate quality system for manufactured parts.
9-To be able to prepare manufacturing programs in computer asisted CNC machines.
10-To be able to operate and transfer the work piece data designed by computer to CNC machine.
11-To be able to follow the developments related to the issues of computer design and manufacturing
12-To be able to draw pictures of machines by using the computer software package efficiently.
13-To be able to design and analyze the parts of a machine or a system in accordance with the desired properties by knowing the rules of technical drawing and design
14-Ability to plan the production process, prepare the operation cards, do task allocation and use his/her supervisory skill