Key Learning Outcomes

1-To understand the importance of following the literature in management profession
2-To know how to access the knowledge, to be able to follow current and recent developments in management profession, to have self confidence, to be open to new ideas, new developments, criticized, to be open minded, to love and protect his or her country
3-To know at least one foreign language in order to follow current developments and theoretical background in management discipline and to be able to use computers efficiently and effectively
4-To establish linkages between management and other disciplines
5-To be suitable for team work and be able to express his or himself effectively hence to be able to adopt academic and Professional lives easily
6-To be able to understand main concepts in management discipline
7-To be able to take individual initiatives and act based on team rules as well
8-To be able to follow ethical principles in his or her actions
9-To be able to explain management and its functions
10-To be able to explain firm in terms of managerial and organizational aspects and to comprehend its local, national and global aspects
11-To be able to comprehend professional ethics in Professional life
12-To be able to acquire individual, team work behaviors of research, development and implementation abilities in management discipline
13-To be able think analytically and be able to apply experiences to real life situations
14-To acquire lifelong scientific inquiry, learning and producing abilities