Key Learning Outcomes

1-Working with interdisciplinary teams and in the discipline teams
2-Understanding ,explaining and using the basic concepts of marketing
3-To have quality awareness,to do quality work and make a conclusion
4-To have communication skills which are used for self-expression and in representing instituations
5-To establish an understanding of market and marketing environment, organizational-level analysis and design
6-To be able to understand local, national, international and global dimensions of marketing program
7-To be able to understand legal, social and moral responsibilities in business life and to be able to perceive of social transformation
8-To be able to understand about strategic, tactical and operational dimensions of marketing program
9-To be able to think analytical and to be able to use technology, especially modern methods of management and technology
10-To be able to apply at least one of marketing knowledge and skills in marketing, production, finance, human resources, accounting
11-To be able to apply,and describe market segmentation, target marketing and positioning, planning, organization, execution, coordination and control functions
12-Being open to change and innovation and entrepreneurial behavior to gain lifelong learning