Application and Acceptance Principle

(1) Candidates who apply for admission to a master programme should hold a valid bachelor’s degree and, except the applicants to the Department of Music, a minimum score of 55 from the Selection Examination for Academic Personnel and Graduate Studies (ALES) administered by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM). Instead of ALES score, candidates may choose to submit the scores of other internationally accepted examinations whose validity and equivalency are determined by the University Senate. (2) The final admission score is determined as the total sum of %10 of the undergraduate GPA, %50 of ALES score and %40 of the grade received in the entrance examination which is conducted by a jury determined by and representing the Department. The final admission score should be at least 65. The number of accepted students is decided prior to the admission and the successful applicants are shortlisted according to the scores starting with the highest ones.