Key Learning Outcomes

1-To use computer and office automation and know every way of communication, writing and filing system suitable for new business life circumstances.
2-To think analytically, to analyse and to decide quickly while facing problems.
3-To take on responsiblity and implement the decisions taken in boundaries of authority given.
4-To manage time effectively, by doing office planning and controlling.
5-To know protocol rules.
6-To know business English.
7-To have professional ethics.
8-To have knowledge, skill and behaviour to ensure coordination with volume managers.
9-To have communication skills on expressing himself and representing his institution.
10-To have adequate knowledge and experience about office management.
11-To be able to work in a team.
12-To be able to speak and pronounce Turkish appropriately.
13-To be able to present and share gained information and skills.
14-To adapt to changing conditions easily and to be open-minded for innovations and changes.