Key Learning Outcomes

1-To use modern technology and information technology for Landscape practice efficiently [Geographic Information System Software , Computer Aided Design Software, 3D modeling, Ms Office Software)
2-To take part in the work of the project as an individual and in team work and conscious of responsibility
3-To produce ecology-based projects with design and planning logic
4-To find solutions for problems rationally, practically and immediately.
5-To ability of being creative and thinking three dimensionally.
6-The ability of working in all kinds of natural conditions and adjusting to them [ Land survey and environmental analysis, Application of planning/designing Project, plant production, maintenance and rehabilitation
7-The ability of self-expression, social networking and the ability of bespeaking
8-The ability of realization and perceptivity in natural and cultural environment
9-The ability of multidisciplinary work
10-The ability of defining the design principles and skill
11-Entrepreneurship and to follow innovation and self-renewal
12-Conscious of the need to have the cultural infrastructure
13-Awareness of professional ethics and responsibility
14-Aesthetic vision