Key Learning Outcomes

1-The student supports the universality of social, cultural rights in French Language and Literature. Besides, he attains the consciousness of social equality, and adopts historical and cultural heritage.
2-The student supports the solution offers directed for the issues in French Language and Literature with quantitative and qualitative data, and shares the data with the institutions or people who are experts or not.
3-The student organizes and attends social, cultural and artistic activities in the fields of French Language, Literature and Culture.
4-The student is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of his prospective field of study following his graduation in accordance with his pursuits.
5-The student is aware of the differences in religion, language and culture, and has a view of critical thinking.
6-The student heads for specialization in his career by using the contemporary information technologies; and contributes to individual and institutional development.
7-The student follows all innovation and developments related to all professional fields, and evaluate the acquired knowledge and ability on the basis of interdisciplinary critics.
8-The student exhibits a code of conduct consistent with quality management processes and responsible for the humanity and his country; dependent upon ethics, independent, entrepreneur, creative and productive in the guidance of scientific thought.
9-The student comes up with activities, individual or mutual projects as well as contributing to the developments of concerned person or institutions by sharing the outcomes.
10-The student acquires the appropriate qualifications, research and communication ability for the posts requiring high degree of responsibility in public and private sectors which require foreign language and literacy.
11-The student acquires literacy knowledge and ability, and knows how to express in a distinctive way in accordance with his own thoughts and goals. Also, he can exchange about these issues.
12-Researcher, contributing his approach to western culture in a scientific and contemporary way, owns interrogative and creative cognitive qualifications with research methods and techniques.