Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

The graduates of the department can be employed as biologists in Ministry of Health, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Breeding, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, Metropolitan Municipality departments (e.g., in research departments for field crops, agricultural pest control, bee production, veterinary control, land and water resources, fishery, clinical laboratories, customs departments, wastewater treatment plants, national parks, zoos and in departments for environmental protection in Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning). They can also work in private sector, e.g., in food industry, companies producing laboratory equipments and materials, facilities with biological production, private botanical gardens and pharmaceutical industry and as advisors in environmental projects. They can be employed as researchers in TÜBİTAK and research laboratories in other institutions. Furthermore, they may become an academician after they complete their postgraduate studies.